Looking for tailor-made papers? A difficult colour to match? The blackest shade of black, maybe?


Building Relationships through Papers with Character

One thing in common with the paper makers we represent, aside from being the industry benchmarks in what they specialise on: the amazing & passionate people behind them. At the end of the day, more than the paper, it’s the people. That’s why YOU are important to us.

Meet Our Team

At Wibni, we are not defined by “positions”, only by roles we assume to make business a pleasant affair.

Etienne Huvelle
Etienne HuvelleThe front man who loves to bridge people.
“I’m the one with the 30 years of experience, so you can say that I know my paper and the ins-and-outs of the industry quite well. But I focus on the ‘good’ in many things. That’s what gives meaning & sense to life, after all. More than selling paper, it’s putting together excellent people and experts in their domain that fascinates me the most.”
Liliane Parein
Liliane PareinThe inside-indent specialist
“It’s been 12 years since I joined Wibni and converted my former accounting experience into detail management with a twist. For bespoke and indent orders, I’m always there to help you find the best & most suitable papers.”
Divina J. Porlares
Divina J. PorlaresThe ... of the Wibni logo.
“Being the … of our team, most of the behind-the-scene tasks fall on my desk: restructuring, finance, etc. But my favourite role is to re-invent the fun side of the business. My many years of experience in the paper world was more in the Far East plus a 3-year stint as a Communications Manager then Marketing Development Manager at an Italian-Dutch company.
Dominique Danlos
Dominique DanlosWibni's French Connection
“Happy to be back in the paper industry where I had 15 years of partnership with Wibni’s front man. Swinging between Spain and France, I am your contact if you need a paper specialist in the Southern part of France.”