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James Cropper

Europe’s leading coloured and specialist paper mill, manufacturing high-quality papers since 1845, James Cropper offers a wide-range of bespoke solutions, with clients able to choose everything from the individual fibres used to make paper to the ways they’re engineered, coloured, embossed and converted.

But what truly inspire us to work with this paper mill are the people behind it. Aside from the English humour, our friends at Cropper are people you can trust— committed, with a high level of expertise and sheer sense of fun to partner with. Happy people makes amazingly innovative and technically unparalleled products to watch out for!

James Cropper

State of the Art Products and Capabilities

Innovative approach in paper making is what sets James Cropper apart, whose paper making experience stretches back some 2 centuries ago.

  • Looking into tailor made products to meet your own specifications? We are open for new challenges.
  • New paper that utilises their waste materials? Be inspired by our award-winning Cocoa range made from cocoa shell powder or the Coffee paper that reuses coffee cups wastes.
  • Or maybe, an existing product that calls for a previously unobtainable colour? You come to the right place.

Product Categories:


G.F. Smith

Bringing the world’s favourite colour into paper! For centuries, GF Smith has been a name that is synonymous with supplying the creative world with impressive and exciting papers and boards. Best known for the Colorplan with 50 colours, 25 embossings, 8 weights, matching envelopes and (mind you!) the large formats can be ordered for just a few sheets! GF Smith has really a lot more in its carefully selected array of beautiful & intriguing papers.

What more, GF Smith is not just a great company for the design industry but also for it’s employees. It’s exemplary corporate culture is clearly the formula behind the creative genius in its products. Need a boost of excitement? Check out the GF Smith range.


The G.F. Smith Collection

GF Smith offers an exceptional selection of papers and bespoke services tailored specifically to the needs of the creative industry. Born out of passion & love for papers  & innate inclination for beauty, the GF Smith Collection sees beyond the paper’s possibilities.


  • 51 Colours
  • 25 embossings
  • 8 weights
  • matching envelopes


  • Accent Smooth
  • Naturalis
  • Zen


  • Accent Antique
  • Accent Fresco
  • Beckett Cambric
  • Cranes Lettra
  • Strathmore Grandee
  • Strathmore Pastelle


  • Cranes Crest
  • Cranes Lettra
  • Nomad
  • Peregrina Classics
  • Pegrina MajestIc
  • Strathmore Writing Wove


For more than 130 years, Römerturm stands for high-quality fine and artist papers, which for them are more than paper, they are “cultural assets of the senses”. To thrive, Römerturm takes it as an evolutionary challenge to elegantly combine tradition and modernity into their papers; after all, paper is no less than a medium that expresses the culture and the subtlety of its sender.

We admire this company, not only because we share their credo that screams “We love paper” but more so because this love for paper is clearly reflected in their vast range of paper qualities, which are truly distinctive and visibly stand out.  Being a partner to Römerturm means we, at Wibni, are able to offer a variety of paper qualities that are unique in the market (cobweb papers? different shades of black? The art of Japanese paper within reach? And much more…).  Not only that,  Römerturm’s responsiveness to the changing market demands is also key to serve you, our customers, even better!

Römerturm believes that Paper is Alive… we say, it’s our collective love of it that keeps it so!

Horizon Pulp & Paper

Horizon Pulp and Paper is the most reliable company we know for Kraft papers. Customer-oriented, stable and independent company, Horizon has a long experience and tradition in the manufacture of a wide range of 100% virgin unbleached sack kraft papers, used for a number of applications in the packaging industry, such as paper sacks, SOS bags, lamination, general wrapping etc.

Kraft papers significantly contribute to the reduction in the use of plastics in packaging, hence is becoming a highly demanded product. Horizon’s long-term vision towards this goal and its commitment to long-term partnership make working with Horizon even more rewarding.

The Virgin Unbleached Sack Kraft Paper Specialist

Horizon produces a wide range of 100% virgin unbleached sack kraft papers, which are used for a number of applications in the packaging industry, such as paper sacks, SOS bags, lamination, general wrapping, etc.

All our grades from Horizon are produced from 100% virgin long fiber softwood pulp. The mill is using the best raw material available for sack kraft papers: Nordic pine and spruce. The raw material is what has brought Nordic sack kraft qualities into a leading and preferred global position in terms of quality. Horizon manufactures only unbleached varieties.

Good to note that we also have a rewinder for producing counter rolls, minimum width 40mm.


  • Semi Extensible Sack Kraft Paper 70-110gsm
  • Semi Extensible Sack Kraft Paper 120-140gsm
  • Fully Extensible Sack Kraft Paper 70-90gsm
  • Sack Kraft Paper 45-80gsm
  • Sack Kraft Paper 60-100gsm
  • Sack Kraft Paper 110-150gsm


Market leader in manufacturing fibre products, special papers and nonwovens, Lahnpaper has distinctive expertise in creating hybrid papers (hybrid borders between paper and synthetic). They offer a broad product portfolio for industrial and print use—durable printing substrates, bases for digitally printed wall decoration, for outdoor advertising, special packaging.

We are proud to partner with Lahnpaper,not only for their unique product offerings but also for their reliability in bringing an added value for the customers.

Fibre products, Special papers & Non-wovens

Thanks to their cutting-edge technology and long years of experience in fibre products manufacturing, Lahnpaper is renowned both for its capacity in finding out-of-ordinary solutions to meet your challenging requirement and for new product developments.


Are you looking for a hard-wearing, waterproof or dimensionally stable material? Or an out-of-the-ordinary printing substrate for your advertising campaign?

Primarily used in situations where stringent quality, stability and flexibility requirements need to be fulfilled, these range of impregnated special papers, synthetic fibre papers and wetlaid Nonwovens or films are your best choices for industrial and creative applications.


  • DURABLE PRINTING SUBSTRATES:  Nonwoven for durable printed products such as geographical maps, nautical charts, recreational maps, race numbers, manuals, technical documentation, educational posters and wall charts, banners, posters, official documents, certificates, membership cards, catalogues and brochures, tags, textile labels.
  • DIGITALLY PRINTED DECORATIONS:  The varitess® nonwoven wallpapers are ideal for shop design, wall tattoos, wallpaper on demand, exhibition stands, interior decoration, wall decor & photo wallpaper.
  • OUTDOOR ADVERTISING: High-quality special papers and nonwovens solutions for all types of Out of Home media. Key characteristics and properties:  printable on both sides using all standard printing techniques, top print quality and outstanding runnability, high mechanical stability (tensile strength, tearing strength), non sensitive to weather influences (dimensionally stable, water repellent), very good opacity and homogeneity when backlit & high resistance to ageing.


  • COATING SUBSTRATES: Coating substrates are particularly suitable for applications where there is contact between paper and moisture: adhesive labels for glass and plastics, labels for outdoor applications, displays, construction material labels, interior decoration, waterproof inkjet coatings
  • CONSTRUCTION APPLICATION:  For a sound absorbing ceiling covering, backing for the stabilisation of synthetic rubber roofing membranes, surface lamination of thermally insulating polystyrene sheets, or a substrate material for synthetic flooring in public transport.
  • WOOD INDUSTRY: Special papers and nonwovens as components for individual solutions in the wood products industry, for               furniture, flooring, automobile interiors.
  • SPECIAL PACKAGING:  For packagings that demand sensitive surfaces; packaging for luxury articles, food, chemicals, technical products, glass products, automotive components, medical instruments, construction materials, Lahnpaper’s papers and nonwovens are ideal wherever a paper that can combine strength, decoratability, absorbency, protection of sensitive surfaces or hygiene is demanded.
  • ADHESIVE TAPES: Base materials for transfer papers are perfect for applying printed lettering and motifs to various surfaces (exhibition stands, automobiles and much more besides). The adhesive strength of the applied coating can be optimally adjusted to achieve excellent application characteristics.

M&M Luxe

Makers of the most elegant silk paper in the world, MM Luxe is the company behind mousselyne Pyrène ®. Silk Paper or Tissue paper is this very light, thin and crisp paper that always goes along products of prestige and elegance. It is almost synonymous to luxury. MM Luxe can personalise colour and print in your next silk paper requirement.

What we like about this company aside from their southern French accent and their high standards of production, is that the passion to create sophisticated and quality paper runs in the blood of this family-owned company.

The Tissue Paper That Defines Luxury

European leader in tissue or silk paper, it’s the reputation of MM Luxe that attracts the largest brands to work with them. They are the first producers of Tissue/Silk paper with an environmentally friendly approach.

MM Luxe boasts of Pyrène ® tissue, a natural product born of the noble material wood and is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. Since the products are fully dyed in mass, colour does not fade when in contact with water. The coloured range are permanently monitored by “LAB” process and the white paper can have contact with food products (fatty, dry and damp foods).

Available in 56 colours and in personalized printed versions.

Applications in classic packaging and luxury sectors: Ready to wear ° Lingerie ° Cosmetics ° Perfume ° Jewelry ° Shoes ° Crystal and China ° Hotel ° Leather Goods ° Floristry ° Wine and Spirits ° Arts and Crafts ° Special Occasions ° Confectionary and Chocolate makers ° Party Favors