Project Description

G . F Smith Parchmarque

Parch Marque is the original parchmentised paper, first brought to the UK by G.F Smith in 1978.

Available in three colours and three weights, this lightly mottled ‘parchment style’ paper has a closely-knitted pattern and a subtly textured surface.

A 100gsm paper is available for use with inkjet and desktop laser printing, with heavier weights suitable as a cover stock.

Parch Marque is also FSC certified. Featured on page 280 of The Collection Book.

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  • End papers
  • Book binding
  • Creative printing
  • Hobby

Printing techniques

  • Litho
  • Office laser
  • HP Indigo
  • Office inkjet
  • Silkscreening
  • Blind embossing
  • Die stamping
  • Letterpress
  • Hot foil

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