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Grey board

The smooth, grey-colored bookbinderboard is 100% recycled paper. It is certified with the “Blue Angel” and the FSC label (FSC Recycled Credit). The cardboard is acid-free, has a pH value of approx. 8.3 and is therefore manufactured in accordance with DIN ISO 9706 for maximum aging resistance. Furthermore, it complies with DIN ISO 16245: 2012 Type B. The cardboard is food safe and can therefore be used for food packaging. (It may be in direct contact with dry, non-greasy foods and foods which are peeled or washed before consumption and used as secondary packaging, extract from the declaration of non-objection.)


Grammage: 350g / m², 550g / m², 650g / m², 1050g / m², 1350g / m², 1650g / m², 2050g / m²,

materials: 100% recovered paper

sizes : most items are available in 75×105 cm in both grain directions

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  • Archival
  • Book binding
  • Sign
  • Packaging

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