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High value and luxury products are expected to look beautiful, be functional, and also be environmentally and socially responsible. It is important for consumers to know that these values extend throughout the supply chain.

The Rydal collection includes three shades of white and three shades of black.

White is one of the key elements of any palette and is also the perfect canvas for creative expression
Black is a classic colour, recognised as stylish and timeless, and James Cropper are internationally renowned as expert creators of Black papers
Whether you are looking for a pure white fresh fibre paper from responsible forestry sources, a recycled quality to meet the legislative requirements for USA retail bags, or even want to go 100% recycled, then we have a product designed for your project…be it a luxury bag, tube, garment tag, folding or rigid box, the Rydal collection includes 40% and 100% recycled and 100% fresh fibre options all engineered with attributes suited specifically to the end use.

The recycled qualities in the Rydal collection contain PCW (post-consumer waste) including our innovative CupCyclingTM fibre, sourced from used coffee cups. This unique post-consumer fibre stream is giving a second life to a valuable resource whilst helping to solve a troubling problem for society – designed with circular economy principles at the core


  • Bright White, 40% Post-consumer waste
  • Natural White, 100% Post-consumer waste
  • Pure White, 100% Fresh fibre
  • Eclipse Black, 40% Post-consumer waste
  • Shadow Black, 100% Post-consumer waste
  • Obsidian Black, 100% Fresh Fibre
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  • Luxury packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Fragrance packaging
  • Gift packaging
  • Retail packaging
  • Wines and spirits packaging
  • Portable electronic packaging
  • Hobby
  • Arts & sign

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