Project Description


Takeo fine paper qualities blend the tradition of Japanese paper making with modern design and technology.

Takeo Kraft and Sandline are unbleached papers with very delicate characteristics.

Takeo Pachica is one of the most technically advanced papers in the world. By debossing an area of the paper with a heated die, the impressed area become transparent.

Takeo Satogami brings the gentle feel and soft texture of traditional wash paper to a fine paper for the modern age.

Takeo Tamashiki is a premium paper that incorporates a traditional Japanese watermarking technique called Sukashi to create an impression in the paper.

Characterised by a unique double-sided embossing and a gentle translucence, the Takeo Tant range is a paper like no other, offering a range of five beautiful textures.

Takeo Tela is a stunning range of delicate Japanese papers containing synthetic fibre to simulate a non-woven fabric effect.


  • Luxury packaging
  • Corporate communication
  • Greeting cards
  • Book binding

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